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Whether your goals are to eliminate chronic pain or fatigue, decrease stress, move better or feel better, chiropractic may be the missing link to your health picture. Discover chiropractic for you and your family.

Dr Deena uses manual adjustments of the spine to correct misalignments that have affected the proper flow of communication between the brain, nervous system, and the rest of the body. Once the spine is realigned to its proper position, the nerves can do their job without impediment, and the patient experiences greater health. When the bones and tissues are returned to their proper states, the vital pathway between the brain and body is restored. Then the chemical, neurological, and mechanical processes of the body function as they are supposed to.

Chiropractic believes that inside each of us is an innate wisdom that wants to express itself as perfect health and well-being. Our primary focus is simply to remove any physiological blocks to the proper expression of the body’s innate wisdom; once those blocks are removed, health is a natural result.
Chiropractic can make a difference in your life. It can help you and your family grasp the true nature of health and disease. Without drugs or surgeries, Chiropractic helps us to realize that health is a simple, attainable goal. Let us help you and your family reach your optimal health!




Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to have a child adjusted?

Adjustments given to children are gentle and safe. Special low force techniques are tailored to the specific needs of each child. Dr Deena has a lot of experience with children of all ages. In fact, most children enjoy their chiropractic adjustments and can’t wait to get on the table to have their nervous system checked!

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Why chiropractic?

Families under chiropractic care experience a higher quality of life, are happier, healthier and live more vitally. Why? Because when our bodies are free from nerve stress (subluxation), our bodies function better. Chiropractic restores proper function to your body, by restoring proper alignment to your spine.

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What is a vertebral subluxation?

Vertebral subluxation is a mis-alignment of one or more spinal vertebrae. It interferes with the spinal cord or nerves that exit between them and directly affects the nervous system and, possibly related areas of the body controlled by the nervous system.

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